Eczema Counts Game Rules

How to play:

  • Complete as many challenges and questions as you can to climb the leaderboard! Players can also earn points by playing during the trivia game nights and/or playing one of the trivia bonus games on the Eczema Counts Game.
  • Each of the Trivia Night Game questions are valued at 1 point per question within the Trivia game, however, each point earned in the Trivia Night Games are equivalent to 200 points on the Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board and toward the Eczema Counts All Time Leaderboard. These will be updated within 72 hours after the conclusion of the Trivia Night Game.
  • Points can be redeemed either after each trivia game towards a prize on the Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board, or they can be accumulated from more than one trivia game. 
  • The Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board prizes are available while supplies last.
  • Participants can redeem their Eczema Counts Trivia points for prizes on the Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board during designated dates that will be posted on the Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board.
  • You may redeem your points for prizes selected from the Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board between May 31 and June 20, or you can choose to save your trivia game points to accumulate more trivia game points and redeem them for a prize on a higher level of the prize board during another designated prize redemption period. 
  • All Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board points must be redeemed by January 19, 2024.
  • Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board prizes and Eczema Counts Trivia Prize Board Rules can be updated at any time between April 20, 2023, and February 1, 2024.
  • In order to redeem trivia game points, you must be registered for the Eczema Counts Game series and when joining a trivia night team provide the email address associated with your Eczema Counts Game series profile, along with your name. If you joined after the conclusion of the Trivia Game night, yet participated on a team, email to notify the team.
  • Players can still play any of the previous games on the Eczema Counts Games platform to accumulate points on the All Time Points Leaderboard and become eligible to win the Eczema Counts grand prizes, however, the previous individual game prizes aren’t available to players after their closing dates. 
  • In the event of a tie, the first person to reach the score will automatically be ranked ahead of subsequent people to reach the same score and, if applicable, be the sole recipient of the game prize associated with that position.
  • The top three point-getters in both the researcher and patient/caregiver categories will receive top prizes, regardless of their standings on the overall leaderboards.
  • At the conclusion of each game, winners will be announced on PeDRA and NEA’s social media platforms, websites, newsletters, and/or email messages, and will be identified by their usernames.
  • All participants must provide a valid email address to receive a prize.
  • Completion of past game challenges is welcome and encouraged, however, any points earned for past game challenges will not count toward the active game. These points will only count toward the All Time Points Leaderboard. The Eczema Counts team may periodically adjust the current game point totals to reflect this.
  • Players can earn points towards the All Time Points Leaderboard between July 26, 2022 and when the last game ends in 2024. The exact end date will be announced closer to that time.
  • Starting on July 26, 2022, players were able to complete challenges and answer questions to earn points.


Participation in PeDRA and NEA’s Eczema Counts Game constitutes your full agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules and the decisions of PeDRA and NEA.


The Eczema Counts Game is open to all registered for the PeDRA/NEA Eczema Counts Game project.


Email us at

If you’ve scrolled all the way through the game instructions, congrats on completing your first game challenge! When prompted in Game 1: The Basics, input this passcode “I READ” to earn 150 points for the “Game Rules Challenge”.


Compete with other participants to see who can earn the most points! Check your progress against other participants on the Leaderboard at any time. Eczema Counts Grand Prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the game series January 31, 2024. The Eczema Counts Grand Prizes will be based on the participants standing and earnings on the Eczema Counts All Time Leaderboard.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of the Eczema Counts Trivia Game Board Prizes!

Important note! Answers to game challenge questions will be lost if you leave the challenge before completing all questions related to that challenge. Consider using multiple tabs to avoid navigating away during a challenge and make sure you have enough time to complete a challenge before starting it.

*Only participants located inside the United States are eligible to earn prizes. Participants located outside of the United States are eligible to play and earn game badges. PeDRA and NEA team members, family members of staff from either organization, and the Eczema Counts Game Steering Committee members are eligible to play and earn badges, but they are ineligible to win prizes.

Note: The Eczema Counts game rules is a living document that may change over time. If you feel that something is missing, please don’t hesitate to contact us.